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Online Maths Tools


Wolfram Alpha (solves most problems, you can also ask it to tell you a joke) -


Desmos (graphing tool)


Symbolab (algebra, trig and calculus solver that gives worked solutions)


Geogebra (excellent apps for Geometry and Statistical Distributions)


Stat Trek (statistics tools and tables)



Other interesting websites



Famous Curves Index -


Free customisable graph paper to downlaod - links to statistical software and information (advanced)


LaTeX tutorials -


Really hard maths competition past papers (Putnam maths competition)


NIST Library of Mathematical Functions


Essence of Linear Algebra (Youtube playlist)


Randomness -





Youtube Videos and Channels


School level Maths Websites



GCSE Maths revision by topic - New Syllabus 9-1 - MathsMadeEasy


NRICH Maths enrichment materials for all ages, in particular...


NRICH STEP contains some resources on STEP preparation.


CIMT Plymouth - well thought through resources from primary to A-level (don't be fooled by the old fashioned looking website!)


Cambridge STEP advice and resources - information direct from Cambridge - follow the link at the bottom of the page for the document 'Advanced Problems in Core Mathematics', a large book of STEP style questions with hints and solutions.


Oxford MAT papers - for the Oxford entrance exam - GCSE/A-level/Oxbridge/Olympiad resources - Worksheets and videos as well as interesting maths challenges  Some excellent advice on writing personal statements A really excellent set of slides, worksheets and more - really good resources for students and teachers!


Mini papers on all GCSE topics and A level topics:


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