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1-9 Style Problem Solving (more to be added during 17/18 school year)


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3Rex Abacus Apple Crumble April 1st

Arwick 40 Bouncy Bouncy Boxclever

Bugeye, Bunch of Pens, Charterly, Club Sandwich

Coin Double, Create-ivitiy, Cubical

Cuboid Ratio, Cupid, Digitification

Ex-cube me, Expand




Mixed Revision Questions (Harder topics Edexcel IGCSE 2015 Papers)


Revision Questions A

Revision Questions B

Revision Questions C



Algebraic Fractions


Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Fractions

Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions

Solving Equations Involving Algebraic Fractions

Algebraic Fractions Exam Questions





Multiplying Out and Factorising

Forming and Solving Linear Equations Exam Questions

Changing the Subject of a Formula Exam Questions

Multiplying Out Brackets

Inequalities Exam Questions





Bearings Exam Questions



Cirlces and Parallel Lines


Sector Area and Arclength

Sectors and Segments Exam Questions

Circle Theorems Exam Questions

Parallel Line Theorems Exam Questions





Constructions Exam Questions


Co-ordinate Geometry


Coordinate Geometry Exam Questions


Differentiation (IGCSE)


Introduction to differentiation

Differentiation with negative and fractional indices

Finding the equation of a tangent to a curve

Using differentiation to find velocity and acceleration

IGCSE Differentiation Exam Questions



Direct and Inverse Proportion


Direct and Inverse Proportion Exam Questions



Formulae for 2d and 3d Shapes


Formulae for 2d Shapes Exam Questions

Formulae for 3d Shapes Exam Questions



Fractions and Decimals


Converting fractions to recurring decimals

Converting Recurring Decimals to Fractions

Recurring Decimals Exam Questions

Show that... Fractions Exam Questions






Introduction to Functions

Functions Examples

Compositions of Functions

Inverse Functions

A Method to Find the Inverse Function

Domain and Range

Functions Exam Questions





Plotting Graphs

Straight Line Graphs

Plotting Graphs Using a Table of Values

A Survey of Some Useful Graphs

Plotting Graphs Exam Questions

Plotting Graphs and Solving Related Equations

Harder Graphs Exam Questions

Straight Line Graphs Exam Questions



Indices and Surds


Rules of Indices

Fractional Indices

Harder Problems Using Indices

Indices Exam Questions

Multiplying Surds and Taking Out Square Factors

Multiplying Surds and D.O.T.S

Rationalising the Denominator

Surds Exam Questions



Primes, HCF and LCM


Primes, HCF and LCM Exam Questions





Sequences Exam Questions



Simultaneous Equations


Linear Simultaneous Equations Exam Questions

Quadratic Sumultaneous Equations Exam Questions





Factorising Monic Quadratics

Solving Quadratics by Factorising

Difference of Two Squares

Non Monic Quadratics

The Quadratic Formula

Factorising Quadratics Exam Questions

Solving Quadratics Exam Questions

Quadratics in Context Exam Questions



Rounding and Bounds


Establishing Bounds on Rounded Values

Rounding and Bounds Exam Questions



Scale Factors


Scale Factors and Percentages

Compound Scale Factors, Interest and Depreciation

Reverse Scale Factors and Harder Problems

Ratio, Percentage and Scale Factors Exam Questions

Scale Factors in Similar Shapes

Area Scale Factors

Volume Scale Factors in 3d Shapes

Scale Factors in Similar Shapes Exam Questions